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Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 01/11/2016

Christmas is fast approaching and with only 7 weeks to go until the big day arrives the need to get your Christmas shopping done has suddenly turned into a big priority, and a challenging one at that!

Instead of buying your mum, girlfriend or best friend something she’ll probably get bored of quickly, or alternatively spending a lot on something you’re not entirely sure she will love, why not give her the gift of great brows?

If there’s one thing for certain she will love semi permanent makeup as a gift! Your loved one will definitely appreciate and probably be quite surprised that you even thought of giving her a permanent makeup treatment as its priceless and something everyone is crazy about. If you mention the words ‘Microblading’ she will know exactly what you’re referring to.

If you didn’t already know, brows are big business and its very likely that your loved one will be obsessing over the incredible brow transformations on our Instagram page if she’s into makeup and looking good. The best thing about our gift vouchers is that she will have the option to choose between an eyebrow, eyeliner or lip treatment, making the treatment tailored to her wants and needs. The permanent makeup treatments last for up to 12 months before needing to be topped up, so it really is the gift that keeps on giving as she’ll look in the mirror each morning and be so pleased with her beautiful and professionally applied semi permanent makeup and you will get serious brownie points for giving her the gift of makeup that lasts.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 0207 7179665 or email us – [email protected] and we look forward to making your Christmas gift shopping less stressful!