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Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 09/09/2016

Fed up of spending forever each morning trying to get your eyebrows looking on point? i.e- amazing and bold yet not too obviously drawn on. Microblading is the answer you’ve been searching for and will quite literally change your life.

Great eyebrows have the power to transform your face and enhance your facial features and when shaped by a professional who understands the facial framework, can even take years off! Sian knows exactly what shape and colour will suit your colouring and overall look, your new brows will be so perfect for your face that they will also emphasise your eyes and enhance your natural beauty. The impact a perfect set of brows can make is incredible and is a big reason why Sian’s treatments are in high demand today.

Sian understands how hard it is to create perfect brows with a brow pencil at home, it’s a challenging task to say the least, not to mention takes up a lot of precious time when you could be snoozing for longer in the morning! Allow Sian to take the stress away and book in for a bespoke consultation where Sian will talk through the treatment process and show you the powers of semi permanent makeup and how microblading eyebrows creates the most natural, realistic and stunning end result. Your brows will be instagram ready all the time without the need for your brow pencil!

P.S check out the photo above, Shanie came to review Sian’s eyebrow treatment and posted this makeup-free instagram- look at her amazing brows! Read Shanie’s review here-