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Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 13/06/2017

Microblading…you’ve heard this word over and over in the press and seen it on instagram but what is it exactly and what does the treatment involve? 

Our goal is to create a beautiful eyebrow that matches the symmetry of your face and looks as natural as possible. We’ll then have you make different facial expressions to make sure the brows look perfect laughing, smiling, eyes open or closed. If a client has botox, we’ll see how much that affects the drawing and adjust accordingly.

A lot of clients ask, “Does microblading hurt?” The answer is: no, I would say more uncomfortable. Some clients describe the feeling as scratchy and others like slight pressure, some even fall asleep!

A numbing cream is applied to the area prior to the treatment taking place to minimise any discomfort! Whatever the feeling, you leave the clinic with the most amazing eyebrows, so it’s all worth it in the end!

With the anesthetic applied, we begin microblading! This takes around 30 minutes. Each  individual hairstroke is drawn onto to skin by hand, matching the direction of your natural hair. The stokes are drawn to mimic actual hairs creating a 3D effect and ultra realist looking semi permanent makeup enhancement which we’re sure you will love!

The whole process takes around an hour and a half so within no time at all we’ve completed your new eyebrows!

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As always, we’re here to answer your Microblading or other semi permanent makeup questions and queries so if you have anything you’re unsure of and want to get to the bottom of it please email us at our London clinic [email protected] and Sian will get back to you directly!