Sian will be in Kuwait 12-14 Sept 2022. For UK only book directly with Sian Dellar.
Not with any other contact at Harley Street


Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 31/01/2017

You needn’t tell anyone about your semi permanent makeup treatments…no one will ever know that your newly shaped eyebrows, defined eyes and perfect pout was expertly created and applied by award-winning Sian Dellar at her Harley Street clinic.

Thats the real beauty about Sian’s treatments and is the biggest reason you should NEVER compromise on cheaper treatments by inexperienced permanent makeup specialists who call themselves artists, be careful and make a decision to go with a professional with years of experience. Always check out their work and portfolio, client testimonials and social media to get a good feel of the calibre of artist you are booking in to see. After all, this is your face we’re talking about- theres no hiding from bad semi permanent makeup and is why Sian Dellar’s work can be a secret you’ll never have to tell, as everything Sian does is natural and of the very highest standard possible. 

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