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The Secret To Smudge-Proof Eyeliner

Post by: Mantelpiece PR
Post Date: 07/02/2019

Winged eyeliner can be one of the hardest things to get right, whether it’s achieving the perfect flick or preventing it from smudging throughout the day!

While microblading is now widely considered the best solution to perfect, smudge proof brows, semi-permanent eyeliner tattooing is also becoming increasingly popular. Whether you’re after natural definition or a full cat-eye flick, semi-permanent eyeliner tattooing can drastically cut down your getting ready time, ensuring you never have to worry about annoying smudges as well as giving you natural definition to your eyes!

You can choose from a range of colour combinations to find the perfect shade for your eyes and we will tailor the treatment specifically to you to create a result as bold or subtle as you wish. Pigment is applied between the lashes to cheat the appearance of a fuller lash line, or above the lash line to achieve a perfectly lined look every day.

The results typically last for 6-12 months before requiring a top-up, making it a brilliant solution for rushed mums, beach lovers, city workers or people with sensitive eyes that struggle to wear mascara and eyeliner day to day.

Sian Dellar prides herself on an individual and personalised service, as she believes no one size fits all! In Sian’s custom consultation, she establishes what the client hopes to achieve from their treatment with consideration to their lifestyle and makeup routine/style, which will help to determine what is best for YOU.

Prices start from £395.00// Available at Sian Dellar’s Harley Street Clinic in London //

semi permanent eyeliner microblading
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