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Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 13/03/2017

Spring is in the air…about time too! We’re thrilled to finally be waving goodbye to winter and welcoming in a glorious spring time full of sunshine and warmer days. One of the best parts springtime is the new beauty regime on the horizon and the prospect of wearing less makeup and revealing a fresher, more summer friendly face, and thats exactly where Sian Dellar Semi Permanent Makeup comes in! 

Permanent Makeup not only saves you precious time in the morning (and who wouldn’t benefit from an extra 15 mins in the morning?!), giving you one less thing to worry about but imagine having perfect and professionally applied makeup 24/7 no matter where you are or what you’re doing!? Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Well plan ahead and book your semi permanent makeup consultation now for your eyebrows, eyes and / lips here.