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Wave goodbye to dull lips this Autumn/Winter

Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 27/09/2017

Whilst preparing for the colder temperatures, and fast approaching party season, there’s nothing fun about covering chapped dry lips with your favourite gloss or lipstick which just doesn’t apply the same as it once did in the summer months.

Kiss goodbye to that drying lipstick, and say hello to our highly effective lip treatment which will make your lips seem fuller and more attractive. A luscious lip contour and soft tint will create a youthful and vibrant look, replacing lost colour that won’t fade no matter how many cocktails you enjoy at your Christmas party!

It gets better, our advanced techniques can also correct the shape of your lips including minor imbalances or symmetry issues to add definition and minimise the appearance of fine lines .You can choose between lip liner, lip blush or a full tint to give you the lips you’ve always dreamed of! Our team of experts will carefully blend pigments with your natural lip colour so you will be left with a shade that compliments your skin tone and ensure there are no harsh outlines.

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