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Get one of the best microblading eyebrow transformations in London with the renown Sian Dellar and her hand picked team. Every permanent makeup treatment is bespoke and personalised to enhance your natural look. We only use the very best pigments to retain tint colour and give a long lasting professional finish.
Award winning


Sian won the London Hair & Beauty Award for “Makeup Specialist Of The Year 2015” for her Microblading & Permanent Makeup work. Since then Sian has continued to perfect her skill at her own Harley Street clinic in central London.

Sian’s Work

Is Art

Sian Dellar’s semi permanent makeup techniques are like fine art. From the initial contact and consultation we gain a depth of understanding about your facial features & hair colour, desired looks and life routine. Next comes the important design stage where shape is created ready for the precision treatment apply by hand. Aftercare and a follow up appointment are all part of our service.


Permanent makeup for brow, lip, eye and face transformations
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About Microblading

Microblading mimics the look of real hair strokes with a 3D effect. They are drawn into the skin by hand to match the direction and colour of your natural eyebrow hair or enhance your style.

“Beautiful thicker & fuller eyebrows”

Go Swim Go Run

No Smudge

Microblading utilises specially formulated pigments, added manually close to the surface of the outer layer of skin. The colour or tint is implanted with precision, so the strokes appear crisp and very fine making for incredible realistic detail. Its tried and tested with daily gym and swim, so you don’t need to change your lifestyle. Results last up to a year, we recommend a microblading top up every 12 or 18 months.

Create Time

Every Morning

Wake up, grab a shower and your ready to go. Say goodbye to the repetition of applying everyday makeup to brows, eyes & lips with semi permanent makeup. Precision microbladed eyebrows that last up to a year. Stunning eyes with our eyeliner styles. Get beautiful lip blush and stunning lash enhancement. All personalised to you for that natural professional look.

Bounce Back

With Medical Microblading

Sian is passionate about medical grade microblading & permanent makeup cosmetics. She rejuvenates good looks and restores confidence. Sian and her team expertly recreate eyebrows for patients with little to no hair at all or those suffering from hair loss including Alopecia & Trichotillomania. In addition Sian’s expertise extends to post breast cancer treatment to the Areola as well as lip imperfections.


I love Sian and trust her with my micro-blading without a doubt. Getting your face tattoo'd is a big deal and I won't go anywhere else... I literally fly to London (I live in France) to get the work done. She's amazing and a lovely person too.- Nicole (France) - Trustpilot Oct 22
Sian is a true perfectionist and really cares about her work. I am delighted with my lip enhancement and can’t stop looking in the mirror. I’ve had so many compliments, its brilliant! I was scared at the thought of having my lips done at first but Sian made me feel comfortable and at ease. I thought it would really hurt, but was surprised to find it almost therapeutic, i was relaxed through the whole treatment. Thank you for your patience and kindness.- Sarah (London)
Sian explained the whole process to me, that it would look very dark at first but will fade within days to a more natural result. She helped me choose the perfect colour blend from the palette, then sketched shapes onto my lips and brows using a pencil and was very patient with my requests concerning the final look. I had plenty of numbing cream applied before and during procedures, so it didn’t hurt at all. Before the treatment my eyebrows were sparse and uneven, and my lips not defined enough. Thanks to Sian my brows gained depth and a beautiful arched shape. My lips are now more defined and a lovely colour.- Susannah (London)
Having never been happy with my lip line I was really excited to find out that I could have the shape corrected through the use of semi-permanent make-up. Sian was really friendly and made me feel perfectly at ease when I met her. She also helped me not to go too mad when I saw the amazing array of colours that could be chosen between and helped me pick the best shade for me. I’m no longer self conscious of my lips as the shape is now perfectly even while looking completely natural with a subtle blush. Exactly what I was looking for.- Katy (London)
My friend told me about Sian and her amazing work after having her eyebrows done. I loved them instantly! But I wasn’t sure if I could put myself through it, I told her: Tattoo my eyebrows? I don’t think so… After a while I booked a consultation to see how the process would work, two days later I was at the studio totally at ease, as Sian made me feel very comfortable, she is very calm and for this kind of art, and is extremely patient. When she finished my eyebrows, I decided also to do my upper and lower eyeliner. Incredibly I didn’t experience any pain.- Maria (London)
I have to say a big thank you to Sian for the most amazing work on my eyebrows. I would have to pencil in my brows every day before having the treatment and get very frustrated not getting them right. It was the best decision I have ever made having permanent makeup. I have eyebrows that match and it doesn’t take me such a long time in the mornings getting them that way. I wasn’t the easiest of clients for Sian, as I was very particular about how I wanted my eyebrows to look, but Sian was very patient with me. I appreciate the time Sian took to listen to my expectations, her artistic influence meant i left feeling completely satisfied with my enhancement. I love my new eyebrows and can’t believe the difference in my whole face.- Emily
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