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The Process

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Consultation & Procedure Process

You can contact Sian directly to have any of your questions answered and to discuss your requirements if you wish, prior to booking a consultation and/or appointment. Alternatively you can use the request a call back form on the contact us page.

A deposit of £200 is required to secure your appointment
(redeemable on procedure).

You will then receive a confirmation by email or text and a full consultation will be carried out on the day of your procedure. However, if you have not booked the procedure to follow the consultation please book with Sian for the next available date.

During your consultation a medical and consent form will need to be completed to ensure your suitability for the procedure. Sian is very thorough in discussing your expectations of the permanent make-up treatment, and a full and in depth analysis of your requirements is carried out to establish the most realistic choice suited to you.

The Process

First a “before” photograph is take of the procedure area, this is confidential and will not be used unless permitted. Clients will get to see their before and after enhanced look.

Prior to the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the treatment area to ensure minimum discomfort during the process; whilst we wait for the area to become numb we will discuss the results you wish to achieve. We then assess the best colour for you from a selection of the finest grade pigments. Created is a fully personalised choice to compliment your overall appearance, skin, hair and eye colour.

A make-up pencil is used to draw the desired shape, so you can approve the enhancement before the treatment begins to ensure the finished result is exactly how you planned. When you are satisfied with the design this will be used as the template for the procedure. We will never carry out any procedure until you are entirely satisfied with the design of your procedure.

The selected pigments are then implanted into the skin using a fine needle, with the latest state of the art computerised machine.

During the treatment, you are shown the results that are being achieved to ensure you remain entirely satisfied with the look.

Consultation 30 mins
Procedure 90 mins Allow 2-hours from start to finish. Some procedures may take longer to perform, you will be advised at time of booking.
Top Up 60+ mins Allow 1-2 hours from start to finish.
• Semi-Permanent Makeup •
After Care

Important aftercare instructions will be explained to you to ensure you take care of the treated areas for the following 7 days. You will also be given an aftercare leaflet and balm to be applied for 7 days. Contact details will be provided should you need any further advice.

• Semi-Permanent Makeup •
Follow up

A top-up treatment is scheduled for 4-6 weeks post procedure to boost your colour and perfect any final adjustments that may be necessary to ensure your permanent cosmetic enhancement is complete and long lasting.