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Brow Lamination

Stunning permed eyebrows that hold perfect style

Brow lamination is a new treatment at Sian Dellar for eyebrows that hold their shape, shine & symmetry everyday. Go fuller & thicker or smoother, brushed to your desired shape. Optional eyebrow tinting compliments natural hair colour, highlights or Balayage to complete the natural professional look.

For alluring fascinating eyes we offer a brow & lash lift combination treatment. LVL lashes add length, volume & lift. Curling and tint enhance that personalised style just for you.

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“Perfect brows ready to go time after time after getting up in the morning”

Defiant wiry brows can be straightened and smoothed, thin brow gaps can be hidden by lifting giving the effect of a thicker fluffy brow. Brow lamination can change the direction of growth to create a more uniform look with a higher arch.

Lamination is a completely painless process, combine eyebrow lamination with our lash lift for a beautiful eye, add semi permanent eyeliner to save precious time with the option to extend your eyeliner into a Latino Flick.

• Simply drag the arrows to the left and the right to reveal more or less of the before and after image • BEFORE & AFTER BROW LAMINATIONSimply drag the arrows to the left and to the right to reveal more or less of the before & after image below

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The Process

Fix, Style, Set & Tint and that’s it

45mins – 1 hr

Stage 1 – Fix

Eyebrow hairs are brushed upwards and Brow Fix is applied so the solution covers from root to tip.

Stage 2 – Style

Brow Style solution is added so the eyebrow hair softens. Our skilled practioner now moulds the brow into the new style.

Stage 3 – Set

Brow Set holds the hair into its new position. The length of time is important and depends on your eyebrow hair type.

Stage 4 – Tint

Now for the optional “magic” tint which adds eyebrow colour. Tinting completes the natural look. It’s especially effective to match recent hair colour, highlights or balayage.

Stage 5 – Conditioning

Hydration and conditioning maintains healthy brows.  After the brow set solution is completely removed, we add a specially developed brow serum that contains keratin.

Stage 6 – Brush

Brows are brushed into position for the final look



The first 24hrs are critical you must avoid getting your eyelashes wet. Avoid using oil based products. Even sweat & moisture is a problem so steer clear of the gym & sauna during this time. You should however brush the brows to keep the style.

“After 24 hrs no special aftercare is needed”

We recommend the treatment is repeated every 8 weeks. Top up tints can be made every 4 weeks. For very thin brows, you should check out our Microblading