Lip Blush

Permanent Lip Tattoo London

Lip Blushing tattoo in London founded at Harley Street by Sian Dellar. Sian won the London Hair & Beauty Awards for specialist makeup in 2015 and has continued to perfect her art of Lip Blushing using semi permanent makeup. Kiss goodbye to your lipstick with fuller, luscious looking lips with either a natural blush tint or a deeper shade.

New Hair Line

lip blush london sian dellarlip blush shortly after treatment

How does it work?

Do you have receding hair or a balding look? SMP changes that look. Its a semi permanent treatment that needs a top up every few years. SMP is the art of tattooing pigment into the top layer of skin with great skill to make it look like real hair. The pigment color selection is very import to match your style. The pigment can be shaded for that realistic finish.

“Wake up everyday with a younger hair line”

As we age we lose hair. Certain conditions and stress have also been attributed to hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation restoring a look of hair and your vitality without the need for a hair transplant. So lose the hat and regain your confidence. Avoid the use of medications, sprays or hair systems.

Medical conditions

Ravi prides himself for working with people suffer with hairloss conditions such a Alopecia. This medical cosmetic treatment restores the look hair using a method of camouflage.

The Sian Dellar Method

lip blush sian dellar methodlip blush sian dellar

Bespoke lip blushing

Everyone is different, that’s why each Sian Dellar lip treatment is bespoke. Starting with a complimentary consultation where our experience and insight is coupled with your ideas & image inspiration. We ask questions about your lifestyle and makeup routine. Your eyes, brows, face shape, skin type & age all influence the design for lip colour, edge definition and symmetry correction.


Once we have a good idea of the look we draw the lip edge contour and colour with makeup pencil. This brings to life the new design which can be easily adjusted until your happy.

Lip Tattoo Process

First we apply a numbing cream (topical anesthetic). The colour is then lightly implanted using a tattoo tool specially designed for semi permanent makeup. The pigment is added just below the outer layer of skin, not as deep as a traditional tattoo. The art in lip blushing is layering the dots of pigment perfectly without appearing dense or dark, it requires a great level of skill for the best results.


after care permanent makeup sian dellarafter care package

Healing first week

It’s very important to follow aftercare instructions during the first week. We supply healing balm which should be applied 2-3 times a day. Lips should not get wet which includes; swimming, sauna, sun beds, kissing & exercise. Avoid spicey, salty & citric foods. Avoid other lip filler treatments for at least 1 month.

Follow up appointment

We offer a follow up appointment as part of the treatment cost. The body rejects part of the pigment so the second appointment will make sure perfect colour continuity and lip edge blending.

Long term maintenance

We advise using a high SPF cream for protection and keep the colour vibrant. Exfoliation, skin peels, AHA on the treatment area all accelerate colour fade.

Colour refresh

A 12 month or 18 month colour refresh is needed to keep the original stunning results.

A lip colour that won’t fade no matter how many cocktails you have!

A lip colour that won’t fade no matter how many cocktails you have!


Lip Blush FAQ


How can I book Lip Blush at Sian Dellar?

Send us an enquiry from the website contact page, call us on 020 7717 9665 or email us directly at

We will get back to you to arrange the booking appointment at our London Clinic at No.1 Harley Street.

You can only book directly with the Sian Dellar clinic, not any other company at Harley Street.

For Kuwait and Middle East bookings please check the contact page.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. You will need to pay a deposit to book an appointment at Sian Dellar. See our treatment terms of service to details

You can only book directly with the Sian Dellar clinic, not any other company at Harley Street

How many appointments and how long does it take?

1st Appointment (all inclusive)

Allow 90 minutes in total from start to finish including your consultation. The numbing cream takes 30 minutes to take effect

2nd Appointment (also inclusive in the cost)

A complimentary top up treatment is advised at 6-8 weeks after your initial treatment to make any adjustments necessary so that you are left with perfect lips

50% of the pigment will likely fade during the first 7 days following your initial treatment as your body naturally rejects half of the pigment.

Does it hurt?

The honest answer to this question is no, the feeling of having your eyebrows microbladed is best described as a slightly uncomfortable, ‘scratchy’ feeling so everyone is different but it’s definitely not a painful treatment. A topical anaesthetic or numbing cream is applied to the eyebrows before the procedure.

Should I bring images?

Yes. Images of other makeup are very helpful in determining your desired style and colour. If you have a medical condition, you can email them in the strictest confidence.

Will a photo of my treatment be on the website & instagram?

Only if you give Sian Dellar or her team permission to use the photos.

Lip Blush

What is Lip Blush? (in a nutshell)

Lip Blush is a cosmetic procedure to create long-lasting lipliner. Colour pigment just below the skin using a semi permanent makeup technique also known as micro pigmentation. It gives the illusion of fuller lips.

Will the colour change after healing?

Yes. Initially, the colour may appear very intense. It takes about 4 weeks for the colour to fade to its permanent shade.

What other names are there?

Lip blush is referred to as permanent or semi permanent lip liner, lip micropigmentation, lip tattoo, permanent lip colour, tattoo lipstick.

How easy is it to fix mistakes?

Mistakes are hard to fix. Laser or chemical tattoo removal are options.

Does the lip colour fade?

Yes. There is aftercare & maintenance to best retain the lip colour. Sian Dellar recommends a colour refresh at 12 or 18 months.

Permanent Makeup FAQ
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