Permanent Makeup London

Our treatment prices are inclusive of online consultation* and follow up appointments.

Eyebrow Enhancements



Brow lamination   £60
Full brow lamination   £90
Gaps in brows & filling in £395 £295
Microblading / 3D hair effect £495 £395
Ombré powder effect / Microshading £495 £395
Combination of strokes & shading £550 £450

permanent eyeliner price list

Eye Enhancements



Lash lift   £60
Lash lift with tint   £80
Combination brow lamination & lash lift   £120
Combination brow lamination & lash lift with tint   £150
Eyelash enhancement bottom only £195  
Eyelash enhancement top only £395 £295
Eyelash enhancement top & bottom £450  
Eyeliner top only £450 £350
Eyeliner bottom only £195  
Eyeliner top & bottom £495 £395
Eyeliner with sleek wing (smokey effect) £550 £450

lip blush prices

Lip Enhancements



Lip contouring & blending £395 £295
Lip contouring & slight blush £495 £395
Lip contouring & full blush £595 £495

faux pmu freckles price

Face Enhancements*



Faux Freckles £295 £295

permanent makeup maintenance top up




Colour Refresh up to 12 months £249 £195
Colour Refresh 13-18 months £295 £249
Colour Refresh 19-24 months £395 £295
Lip Refresh up to 12 months £295 £195
Lip Refresh 13-18 months £349 £249
Lip Refresh 19-24 months £395 £295
Shading Refresh additional £55 £55
Top Up additional £100 £100

**Consultations at our London Clinic cost £100. Online consultations have no charge.

*Prices from

Maintenance Information

It is advisable to have annual colour refresh treatments to ensure that the stunning results remain fresh and long lasting. An annual colour refresh treatment consists of 1 visit.


All new procedures include 1 complimentary top-up to make any final adjustments to the treatment area. (within 6 weeks.)

On the rare occasion some clients may require an additional treatment following their complimentary top up, if within 8 weeks of the procedure this will be charged at £100 and £249 thereafter.

All of our procedures are semi-permanent and require regular top-up treatments to maintain the colour, the duration between maintenance treatments varies depending on each individuals skin type and lifestyle.

Colour refresh (yearly maintenance) treatments are one session only.

Please note: A deposit of £200 is required to book an appointment. The deposit once paid is non-refundable.


In order to provide a professional service and to avoid disruption at our clinic from no-shows and short notice cancellations, and to ensure availability for all our clients, we operate a strict 48-hour notice cancellation policy. Please kindly give us 48-hour notice if you intend to cancel or move your appointment to another day to avoid being charged for your appointment. No exceptions will be made except emergencies (hospital, bereavement). Our service is strictly supplied under these terms and conditions.