Client microblading for almost complete eyebrow loss

before and after of microblading

Eyebrow loss is a common occurrence. Many factors influence the onset of brow thinning like ageing, hormonal imbalances, Alopecia, skin conditions and chemotherapy.

Although it can be frustrating to lose such a defining feature, there are solutions that can give you the appearance of full brows. Microblading is one of the most recommended and effective treatments for natural 3D looking hairs. Fine strokes of pigment that are inserted just under the skin resemble real hair. Microblading usually lasts around 12-18 months before top up restores original colour strength. Completely waterproof, with no need for brow pencils or pomades.

Selected pigments can match your real hair colour resulting in a natural professional finish.

  • Date June 21, 2023
  • Tags A Gallery, Microblading


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