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Erin Hunter’s featured article on Sian Dellar’s Permanent Eyeliner treatment.

“Permanent makeup is something that’s always interested me as I had my eyebrows tattooed on at quite an early age due to Trichotillomania. Sian Dellar specialises in microblading eyebrows and permanent makeup including eyeliner and lip colour. The idea of having someone tattoo your eye line or lips always terrified me as I’m a baby when it comes to pain.”

“I went for the wedge look, as I knew if I just went for the enhancement, I’d end up drawing them on every day. Sian drew them on, putting the ten years of practice I have to shame, and once I was happy she began.”

“I was left with gorgeous, but slightly sore, contoured eyes. Sian sent me away with instructions on care and healing gel that I had to apply twice a day. When I had my eyebrows done, I struggled with how dry they got, but with my eyeliner, I haven’t struggled at all. It’s been painless, easy and the colour hasn’t faded in the slightest.”

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  • Date March 4, 2019
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