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London Hair and Beauty Awards Winner
London Hair and Beauty Awards Winner


Eyebrows play a vital role in framing and balancing the face and a well shaped brow will lift and emphasise your eyes as well as making you appear more youthful. Getting the perfect eyebrows can be difficult but our brow treatments offer the ideal solution.

We can help people with very light eyebrows or those who have little or no hair due to over-plucking gain fullness and definition to their brows, while still looking natural.

At Sian Dellar’s semi-permanent make-up, we specialise in the art of microblading and brow lamination. Microblading is a manual method of applying semi-permanent make-up, particularly to the eyebrows. A specially designed tool is used to deposit pigment into the epidermis of the skin to create super fine realistic looking hairs to mimic actual full and fluffy eyebrows. Because the colour is implanted closer to the surface, the strokes appear crisp and very fine.

We offer a powdered effect treatment which subtly shades the brows with a soft mist of colour and is ideal for those who have eyebrow hair but want more definition as it enhances the natural brow. If you have little or no hair, we would recommend our popular hair stroke effect treatment. This recreates your eyebrows with thin hair strokes to produce long-lasting results which are incredibly natural and realistic.

Brow lamination is a perm for your eyebrows. Brows will hold their shape, shine & symmetry everyday, with the option of a colour tint. Brow lamination is a completely pain free but does not last as long as microblading.

The results are truly amazing and whatever your real eyebrows look like, we can achieve the brows you’ve always wanted.

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After Care
Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

• Do not get your brows wet for the first 7-10 days or until the area has completely healed.
• Use the healing balm provided 2-3 times a day for the first 7-10 days with a cotton bud- NOT YOUR FINGERS!
• Do not apply any make up on the treatment area for the first 7-10 Days.
• No swimming, saunas/jacuzzi, sun beds for the the first 7-10 Days.
• Do not have any other cosmetic treatments such as facials, skin peels, laser ect within the first 4 weeks
• Don't pick, peel or scratch the treated area
• Avoid direct sun exposure for the first 14 days
• After 10 days an SPF of 20 or higher should be applied to the area
• Long term - In warmer climates, keep your brow area covered with a hat and or large sun glasses

• Brows •
Eyelash Extensions Maintenance

• It is advisable to use a high SPF to protect your enhancement and keep the colour vibrant.
• Avoid exfoliation on the treatment area.
• Strong sun, skin peels, exfoliation, AHA, will all contribute to the colour fading quickly.
• An annual colour refresh treatment will be needed to ensure the stunning results remain fresh and long lasting.