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5 Things to Know Before You Have Microblading

Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 12/12/2017

Did you catch our recent feature in PopSugar? They tried and tested our microblading treatment, and noted five things to consider before YOU try microblading.

We’ve also rounded up our 5 tips that might help you decide if microblading is right for you…

1. There is no one size fits all 
Every microblading eyebrow treatment we create for our clients in London is personalised. There is no one size fits all where brows are concerned. During your custom consultation we will establish what you hope to achieve from your eyebrow treatment, we will also get an idea of your makeup routine and lifestyle.
2. It take 2 hours
Allow 2-hours from start to finish, this includes a 30 minute consultation and 90 minute procedure time. Some procedures may take longer to perform, you will be advised at time of booking.
3. The Process 

We would suggest bringing a photo of your ideal eyebrow or of yourself before over-tweezing so we can do our best to create it for you, but face shape, size and bone structure all play a part in our brow design so bare this in mind. This is also our time to be very realistic with you about what we can achieve. We never over-promise, but at the same time, we can achieve a lot!Once we determine the perfect, customised shape for you, we then draw it on using an eyebrow pencil so you get an idea of the shape and teh best colour of the enhancement before we start.

4.  Who can have microblading? 
Most people over the age of 18 years from the young to the mature who desire a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance. During your consultation, Sian will discuss with you specifically which treatments will suit you best taking into account your expectations, facial features, skin tone and choose pigment colours to complement your lifestyle.
5. Top Up 
A top-up treatment is scheduled for 4-6 weeks post procedure to boost your colour and perfect any final adjustments that may be necessary to ensure your permanent cosmetic enhancement is complete and long lasting.
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