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The best semi-permanent beauty tweakments

Post by: Mantelpiece PR
Post Date: 21/03/2019

In a world where medical aesthetics procedures and surgery are becoming the norm, you can’t so much as glance at social media without seeing full lips, arched brows and perfectly winged liner. However, if would love to achieve a plump pout, defined eyes and enviable brows, but hate the thought of the risks, bruising and downtime of fillers and invasive surgeries, know that surgical procedures aren’t your only option!

LIPS – Prices start from £395

Fuller lips can be achieved with semi-permanent lip tattooing, where the illusion of wider, more defined lips can be created by distributing pigment over the surface of the lips. The natural line of the lips can be slightly overdrawn in order to create the appearance of a plumper pout. Not only will your lips appear larger, but you will have far more control over the final shape, tone and appearance of your smile than with fillers. Please see here for more information.

EYES – Prices start at £395

Never worry about struggling to achieve perfect liner again with a semi-permanent liner treatment! Whether you are looking to cheat the appearance thick, fluttering lashes with some natural lash line definition, or are always struggling to perfect your winged liner technique, this treatment will ensure that you never have to worry about messy or smudged liner again. You can choose from a wide range of colour combinations to suit your colouring and ensure the result is as natural as you wish. Please see here for more information.

BROWS – Prices start from £495

Lift your entire face by defining your brows with a microblading treatment. The treatment uses tiny, individual strokes to craft the perfect set of brows to enhance your features and ensure you always look put together. In addition to having perfect brows, lifting the arch opens up the eye area to create a bright and well rested appearance. Please see here for more information.

All semi-permanent cosmetic treatments last from 6-12 months, after which they can be maintained with touch ups. All of these fantastic tweakments are available right here at Sian Dellar, where Sian offers a fully bespoke service, working with you to achieve your perfect outcome.

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