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Build Your Brow Confidence

Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 28/03/2018

Revised: 21 July 2022

We all want you to feel the very best version of yourself, and here at Sian Dellar its our speciality to make this a reality! Our microblading treatment is completely personalised to you, so you can have the brows you’ve always dreamed of and get an ultimate confidence boost in return!

Constantly seeing celebs in the press looking flawless and youthful can be the ultimate confidence knock, but thankfully our semi-permanent brow treatment is a quick and effective way to feel confident inside and out! Perfectly applied microblading has the power to enhance your whole look and make you feel, not to mention look amazing!

Committing to a semi-permanent brow treatment can be daunting and nerve wracking- we get it. However, our consultation process will put you at ease and make you feel self-assured with your brow-changing decision. Not only can you have direct contact with Sian herself to ask any questions your slightly worried about, but you can also book in for a consultation with our team. Prior to the appointment, we will take a before photo (This will be kept completely confidential, unless permitted) to show you what will be done and also the amazing results that have been achieved.

We want to make your brows look better than ever. With our expertise and your personal choice in mind, we will assess what brow colour is best suited for you. We don’t just dive into the procedure, we ensure you’re feeling completely confident with everything. Finally, we draw the desired brow directly onto to your face; this gives you the opportunity to make changes and alterations. We never start a procedure until you are completely satisfied and in love with the way your brows look!

Sian is an advocate of natural beauty enhancement and is extremely passionate about her medical grade microblading treatment. Not only can microblading build the confidence of those seeking to enhance their features for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons, but microblading can also treat eyebrow hair loss due to medical reasons; such as cancer, alopecia and trichotillomania.

For more information about the confidence building brow treatment visit our website or drop us an email or call via our contact page.