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Is microblading worth the price tag? The Debrief reviews…

Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 24/10/2017

We invited a top beauty writer from Grazia’s sister title, The Debrief to review microblading and find out if it’s really worth the money.

Jazmin said; “If there’s one thing to take away from the last five or so years of beauty, it’s that eyebrows are really, really important. We all know too well that a fuller brow is way better than a sparse one. We’re very aware that how you shape of your eyebrows can quite significantly change the way your face looks. And we also know that drawing on our eyebrows is probably one of the most laborious and lengthy parts of our make up routines. Enter microblading – the semi-permanent makeup technique that takes away the hassle of having to locate an eyebrow brush/pencil/pallet. The prospect of literally being able to ‘wake up like this’ is the dream but, of course, that comes with a price. But, is it worth it”

So after reviewing the full treatment, including top up- what did Jazmin think?

“I haven’t had to use a single brow product for almost three months now and, if the pigment lasts the expected 12-18 months I won’t need to bother for a really long time. If, like me, filling in your brows every morning was both the bane of your routine and the one crucial thing process you insisted on struggling through before leaving the house, you’ll never look back. Just make sure you’re willing to save for a couple of months to avoid that dreaded strain on the ol’ overdraft”

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