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Medical Microblading – Transform Your Self-Esteem

Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 04/04/2018

We want everyone and anyone to look and feel their very best, always! At Sian Dellar the Permanent makeup specialist clinic at 1 Harley Street London we understand that this may not be easy for those who confidence has been knocked by medical conditions and illnesses.

Our team are extremely passionate about medical grade treatments and alongside our day-to-day clients, we make it our mission to help restore and transform each of our client’s self-esteem through the use of our medically adapted treatments.

Eyebrows are a dominant feature, which shape and frame our beautiful faces. Yet, so many people struggle with their brows due to medical conditions and illnesses resulting in hair loss; such as Alopecia, Trichotillomania and Cancer. Our most popular treatment, microblading is perfect for reconstructing and filling brows which have little or no hair at all. Microblading involves a small blade, semi-permanent cosmetic ink and stroke movements, mimicking the appearance of real hairs.

Our award winning team can also use semi permanent make-up to recreate the areola area for breast cancer patients wanting to look and feel themselves again.  In addition, semi permanent make-up also has the ability to reconstruct those who suffer from imbalanced or cleft lips.

For more information about Sian’s medical grade treatments, please get in touch.