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Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 14/12/2016

If you’ve read our first few installments you’ll know we’re running a series of FAQ posts to answer your burning Permanent Makeup questions- its the best way to dispel any worries or concerns and get the expert answers you need before making your decision to go for life changing semi permanent makeup!

This week we’re talking about PAIN! Yes, a big question we’re asked time and time again…

Q. So, how painful is semi permanent makeup?

A. In all honesty it really depends on the pain threshold of the individual person, which of course varies from client to client. Most of our clients report back to us and say the eyebrow treatment is not painful and can’t feel much at all, but others say it feels like a scratchy sort of feeling- we describe it a small level of discomfort at times but not ‘painful’. Sian does everything she can to keep pain to an absolute minimum prior to the treatment and during the procedure, she does this by applying a professional numbing cream to the area which works wonders!

If you have any questions you’d like Sian to personally answer please direct your questions to [email protected] or tweet us at @siandellar 🙂