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A Round Up of the Brow Trends currently taking over Social Media

Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 19/12/2017

As SPMU experts, we enjoy keeping on top of the latest trends that are often filling up our social media feeds. Many trends come and go, whilst natural looking brows that frame your face will always remain! Nevertheless, it’s always fun to see what crazy trends are currently insta-famous from glitter brows to the brow crown…

An aspiring make-up artist from Denmark created the ‘Brow Crown’ using Vaseline and a clear brow gel to spike up the hairs. Each point is topped with a silver rhinestone to mimic a tiara and more than 10,000 people liked this photo on Instagram!

Sian Dellar | Brown Crown

Why stop at a Christmas Jumper? Many women seem to be spreading Christmas joy via your face! One Canadian blogger created a DIY video for her Christmas Tree brows that reached nearly 250,000 views!

Sian Dellar | Christmas Tree Brows

And our favourite has to be, the glitter brow which can be easily created with glitter and a spooley brow brush for the ultimate Friday night face!

Sian Dellar | Glitter Brow

Whilst these looks are super fun, we think we’ll stick to the natural look! And, if like many people, you don’t feel confident applying eyeliner, lip liner or brows each morning, semi-permanent make-up could be ideal for you! It’s a long lasting alternative that will give you your desired look, with none of the effort. Ideal for busy women and men, our semi-permanent makeup and microblading treatments will draw attention to your features, making them look natural, defined and symmetrical. One for your last minute Christmas wish list!

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