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Take Your Eyebrows to The Gym

Post by: Mantelpiece PR
Post Date: 12/02/2016

If the gym was one of your new year resolutions, you may have noticed the unwanted eyebrow smudge that appears if you take your work out seriously; not to mention that wearing makeup to the gym is a serious breakout hazard!

Women all over the world know that good eyebrows are a key feature to a beautifully framed face. Which is why you may want to think about getting them Microbladed with award-winning celebrity permanent make-up artist Sian Dellar, to avoid the gym smudge and appear fresh faced in 2019.

Permanent Make-Up is an innovative procedure and completely safe form of cosmetic tattooing in which pharmaceutical grade pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin in almost any colour of your choice. Even if you only want a very subtle look, permanent make-up will enhance your natural features and you still have the option of conventional make-up to change your look to suit any occasion, even at the gym!

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that is carried out using a specialised manual hand tool which holds disposable microblades, and implants colour onto the skin.

Browblading, improves definition, cover gaps of lost hair, extend the length of eyebrows and can even be used to fully reconstruct brows which have little or no hair.

Sian individually applies the ink precisely, allowing her to control the shape, colour and density.

The treatment begins with developing the desired shape, using individual tattoo strokes or ‘feathers’ in the area to plot the shape and style requested. The colour choice is client-specific and is mixed using a natural selection of micro pigments to complement skin tome and hair colour.

Sian Dellar prides herself on an individual and personalised service, as she believes no one size fits all where brows are concerned!

In Sian’s custom consultation, she establishes what the client hopes to achieve from their eyebrow treatment with consideration to their lifestyle and makeup routine/style, which will help to determine what is best for YOU.

Prices start from £595.00// Available at Sian Dellar’s Harley Street Clinic in London //

brows microbladed gym ready
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