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What is Eyeliner Tattooing?

Post by: MPR
Post Date: 30/11/2018

The words ‘eyeliner tattooing’ can be confusing and even scary to some people.  We all know what tattoos are, but what are eyeliner tattoos?  We’re here to answer all of your questions.

So, what is Eyeliner Tattooing?

Eyeliner Tattooing is a semi-permanent alternative to repeatedly drawing on your eyeliner every day.

What Does Eyeliner Tattooing Involve?

Eyeliner Tattooing involves placing the colour into the dermal layer of the skin, just above and in between the lashes.  The treatment is tailored specifically to you, meaning that you can make your eyeliner tattoo as dramatic or as subtle as you want.

What About After Care?

We advise not to wear any eye make-up for the first seven days after the treatment, but with a fabulous new eyeliner tattoo, there’s no need anyway!

We would also recommend making sure the area does not get wet, and that includes swimming and jacuzzies.

These tips help to increase healing time and prevent any irritation to the area, as well as making sure your results are long-lasting!

Where Can I Get This Treatment Done?

Right here at Sian Dellar, of course!  We offer the safest and most effective Eyeliner Tattooing services, and our services are award-winning too!

We tailor every treatment to you – you are unique and your Eyeliner Treatment should be too!

For more information on our Eyeliner Tattooing services, please click here

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