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The Best Eyebrow Looks to try This Halloween

Post by: MPR
Post Date: 25/10/2018

The Best Eyebrow Looks to try This Halloween

It’s that time of year when spooky decorations in shop windows are a reminder that Halloween is just around the corner – and most of us probably haven’t organised our costumes yet!

Sian Dellar is here to give you all the best eye looks to try so that you can achieve that ‘wow’ factor this Halloween…

Windswept Willows

Check out this amazing eye art where your eyebrows are turned into nothing other than… a tree!  Use a kohl eyeliner to add some smoky tendrils to your brow to create this look.

Cartoon Crazy

Easier than it looks, this pop-art look features bright colours and a bold brow, which we love!  Get your paints out because this look is sure to be attention-grabbing.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

We’re loving this cute cat look! Use a bold eyeliner to join the eyebrow to the eyelid and the first stage is already done!  Perfect for any witchy costume you might have been planning…


Gorgeous Geometrics

Featuring a beautiful blue tint on the eyebrow, this look can be created using a stencil to paint on triangles any way you want! Add a blue lipstick to finish the look.

Whichever eye look you choose for Halloween, Sian Dellar has you covered for your brow looks any time of the year.  We offer services in Microblading, a treatment which uses disposable microblades to implant colour into the dermal layer of the skin.  The result is an eyebrow tailored to your specific needs, however thick, thin, bushy or paired-back as you would like!

The results are realistic and natural, giving you the perfect brow all year round.

For more information on our Microblading services