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Post by: Jess PR
Post Date: 11/04/2017

Eyeliner…whether you’re a pro at applying it or find it a real time-wasting bane each morning its one of those things in life that really does make a BIG difference to how we look. Great eyeliner has the power to take you from flat to FABULOUS in just one feline flick!

Summer is a time when permanently applied eyeliner is appreciated more than ever, it means when you’re away on holiday swimming in the sea with no makeup on, your eyes still look defined and gorgeous in a super natural way.

We’ve been eyeliner inspired this morning by Elle India’s article on eyeliner trends, click here to read the full lowdown- these trends might not be options we’d realistically go for, but they’re fun and great to experiment with! 

To book in for your semi permanent makeup eyeliner eye enhancement treatment by Sian Dellar please call us on 0207 717 9665 or email [email protected] OR  to find out more click here.

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